Giant Saw T35S

Giant Saw

Main Characteristics

  • Giant blade cutting machine.

  • Two strong welded steel columns support and guide vertical movement of bridge of large dimensions made in special cast iron.

  • Structure given added stability/reduced vibration/less resonance thanks to ribs in cast iron.

  • Longitudinal movement of cutting unit electric with variable speed.

  • Traverse movement controlled by encoder to enable length of cut to be set at control panel eliminating manual positioning of limit switches.

  • Transverse movement of trolley equipped with electronic inverter/encoder

  • Cuts of different width can be programmed from control panel.

  • Vertical movement on two precision screws mounted on columns and two lead nuts.

  • Two safety auxiliary lead nuts prevent accidental lowering of bridge.

  • Screw rotation synchronized by connecting shaft powered by single-speed motor for step cutting.

  • Encoder ensures accurate measurements.

  • Transmission from main motor to spindle shaft obtained with high performance tracks.

  • Oil bathed gear.

  • Variable spindle speeds obtained by pulley (standard version) or inverter (optional).

  • Machine complete with centralized lubricating and flow switch to cut off machine if insufficient cooling water.

  • Electrical board water-tight, separate from machine, and contains control panel to allow alarms, operator instructions and operational parameters for development of correct working cycle to be seen in real time.

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